The approach to projects implies creating a balance between creativity, functionality and durability. The technical research for new solutions is always present in the culture of SHFA, which translates into the materialisation of works with challenging execution deadlines and budget restrictions.

How to develop an architecture project?

Definition of the preliminary schedule

At this stage all assumptions that must be taken into account are defined, such as number of rooms, type of heating desired, type of equipment, as well as budget conditions.
Legal constraints and plans in force are reviewed, such as municipal directives. It is at this stage that deadlines do prepare the project are discussed.
All details that seem relevant must be communicated at this stage.

Prior study or preliminary draft

It is at this stage that the architect develops the preliminary concept of the project, in accordance with what was agreed to at the previous stage. Normally this consists of presenting designs at different scales where one can see the implantation of the house on the land, the plan with the general organisation of the space and the relationship with the surroundings, through elevations.

At this stage the speciality projects begin developing, under the architect’s direct coordination.

Base Project / licensing application

The architect prepares the drawn and written parts to deliver to the Municipality and the other entities involved in licensing the construction.
Besides the architecture project, at this stage the specialty projects are also developed.